Electric Towel Warmers

What temperature do electric towel warmers reach?
Oxil electric towel warmers have a constant temperature of between 45 to 60 ºC

Do electric towel warmers run with oil or water?
None of the Oxil towel driers use dry heat.

Can you invert the towel warmer to attach it to the wall?
Towel warmers must always be installed with a circuit switch at the bottom, as required by the IPX4 certification which distinguishes our products.

Can it be turned on all day?
Electric towel warmers have the advantage of being low consumption, oscillating between 35W and 180W, allowing them to run for 24 hours, and, they can be used as much in winter as in summer.

Does it heat the bathroom?
They produce enough heat to warm small bathrooms and eliminate humidity, the aim of them is to dry and keep towels warm.

Can I request a special modification or finish?
Of course, just consult us.
We have a wide range of designs, all very contemporary that allow for the creation of a personal style in the bathroom.
What differentiates and distinguishes us, is that Oxil is a Spanish manufacturing company, with a long history in the sector. This adds value to its manufacturing.


Do the radiators heat the bathroom?
The main function of Oxil radiators is to dry towels and heat the bathroom, with a consumption that ranges between 300W and 900W depending on the model.
We have a variety of options to cover any need.

Do electric towel warmers run with oil or water?
Oxil electric radiators use thermal fluid.

Can Oxil Radiator’s be programmed?
Oxil Electric Radiators have a Digital Programmer incorporated that controls the ambient bathroom temperature, at the same time as allowing for the selection of its operating times for the entire week.

Can you invert the towel warmer when attaching it to the wall?
The radiators can only be connected so that the cable exits at the bottom.

Can it be turned on all day?
Oxil electric radiators have a digital thermostat with a programmer that disconnects the device once it has reached the desired temperature, economising its consumption.